Bioengineering / Genetics / Medicine / Computer Sci.
Clark Center S170, Mailcode: 5448
Russ Biagio Altman is a Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics & Medicine (and of Computer Science, by courtesy) and Chair of the Bioengineering Department.

Dr. Altman's primary research interests are in the application of computing technology to basic problems in molecular biology of relevance to medicine.  He has a particular interest in informatics methods to support pharmacogenomics, the study of how genetic variation impacts drug response phenotypes (  Relevant technologies include datamining, natural language processing, data integration and semantic technologies.  Other work focuses on the analysis of functional microenvironments within macromolecules for the analysis, prediction and design of binding sites, active sites, and small molecule ligands.  For this work he uses physical simulation ( as well as machine learning techniques.