Civil & Environmental Engineering / Chemical Eng.
Biological Sci. / Geo. and Environ. Sciences
2nd Floor East, Mailcode: 5429
Dr. Alfred M. Spormann is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and of Civil & Environmental Engineering (and of Biological Sciences, and of Geological and Environmental Sciences, by courtesy).

His laboratory seeks to understand the molecular basis of unusual microbial reactions and processes. A particular focus is on reductive microbial dehalogenation, a unique corrinoid-dependent energy conserving reaction used by a highly niche-specialized anaerobic group of microbes during bioremediation of chlorethenes.  Another research emphasis is on understanding the molecular science and engineering of direct electron uptake from cathodes by microbes as it is relevant for bioenergy. A third focus is on metabolic interactions of complex microbial communities in the large bowel and its role in intestinal diseases. All procjerts are investigated by molecular biochemical and genetic, as well as genomic approaches.