The Bio-X program at Stanford University has, as one of its major goals, the enhancement of interdisciplinary programs between and among the scientific communities at Stanford in computer science and technology, engineering, the basic sciences in H&S, the earth sciences and the pre-clinical and clinical sciences in the School of Medicine in areas related to bioengineering, biosciences and biomedicine.

With this in mind, the Bio-X Executive Committee charged a committee of faculty from the Schools of Engineering, H&S, and Medicine to develop mechanisms to support new interdisciplinary programs in research, undergraduate and graduate education, and innovative initiatives that relate to these areas of biology. The Committee has been chaired by Dr. Harvey Cohen.

Examples of these proposals included interdisciplinary initiatives in new innovative research programs that could best (or only) be performed by faculty from different disciplines, curricular innovations, and seminars and symposia. We encouraged faculty from different schools to work together on these initiatives.

Thanks to the support generated by President John Hennessey and by the Director of Bio-X, Dr. Carla Shatz we are able to continue this highly successful program. Round 4 awardees were announced in September 2008, Round 5 awardees were announced in September 2010 and Round 6 awardees were announced in 2012.