April - June 2010

Nanoscale 'stealth' probe slides into cell walls seamlessly, say Stanford engineers
Stanford Report, 1 April, 2010
Robots take center stage at Stanford event
Stanford Report, April 16, 1010
Stanford bioengineer explores own genome
Mercury News, May 1, 2010
New Stanford-led program aims to produce insights into brain injury, recovery
Stanford Report, May 4, 2010
Stanford scientists learn how brains process images of faces
Stanford Report, May 11, 2010
Aiming to cure deafness, scientists first to create functional inner-ear cells
SoM News, May 13, 2010
Stanford-led team validates, extends fMRI research on brain activity
SoM News, May 16, 2010
Symposium exhibits students’ medical research
SoM, May 24, 2010
High school students use cutting-edge technique to create fluorescent proteins, thanks to Stanford researchers
Stanford Report, June 10, 2010
$1.3 million Champalimaud prize goes to Stanford neuroscientist, NYU colleague
SoM News, June 11, 2010
Control of cancer cell pathways key to halting disease spread, study shows
SoM News, June 14, 2010
Bio-X NeuroVentures Optogenetics Innovation Laboratory Open House Ceremony, June 17, 2010
Stanford's Woods Institute awards new round of Environmental Venture Projects
Stanford Report, June 22, 2010
Same types of cell respond differently to stimulus, study shows
SoM, June 27, 2010
First Results from the LCLS: Unpeeling Atoms and Molecules from the Inside Out
SLAC, June 30, 2010