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Paul Yock - The Martha Meier Weiland Professor in the School of Medicine and Professor of Bioengineering, Cardiovascular Medicine, and (by courtesy) of Mechanical Engineering

Scientific Leadership Council Member, Clark Center Faculty, Clark Center Working Group Member

Dr. Yock is the founder and director of the Byers Center for Biodesign, a multidisciplinary training and support program for physicians and engineers with the ambition and talent to become health technology innovators. The Center has educational/training programs at multiple levels including a postgraduate fellowship, multiple graduate and undergraduate classes and a faculty training program. In addition, Biodesign administers seed grant programs and a mentoring system for faculty and students who seek to translate health technology innovations into patient care.

The main focus of Dr. Yock’s research program has been in the field of intravascular ultrasound. Dr. Yock is internationally known for his work in inventing, developing and testing new devices, involving the Rapid Exchange™ balloon angioplasty system, which is now the dominant system in use worldwide. He developed a Doppler-guided hypodermic needle system, and the Smart Needle™ and P-D Access™.