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  • Awarded in 2018
    Home Department: Chemical Engineering
    Faculty Advisor: Gerald Fuller
    Talk Title: Dilatation mechanics and bubble coalescence of monoclonal antibody interfaces
    Event: Annual European Rheology Conference 2018

    Awarded in 2017
    Talk Title: Interfacial viscoelasticity of therapeutic protein solutions and The influence of protein- polymeric surfactant interfacial co-adsorption on thin film drainage and bubble coalescence
    Event: The Society of Rheology 88th Annual Meeting and the 91st Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • Awarded in 2017

    Home Department: Bioengineering
    Faculty Advisor: Christina Smolke
    Talk Title: Reconstitution of somatic hypermutation in yeast for targeted evolution
    Event: 2017 Gordon Research Conference on Molecular Evolution

  • Awarded in 2016
    Home Department: Biology
    Faculty Advisor: Marcus Feldman
    Talk Title: Stochastically varying environments promote evolution of modularity and hierarchy in simulated bacterial metabolic networks
    2016 Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution

    Awarded in 2015

    Talk Title: Evolution of Hierarchy in Bacterial Metabolic Networks
    2015 Society for Molecular and Evolutionary Biology Annual Meeting

  • Awarded in 2019

    Home Department: Neurology & Neurological Sciences
    Faculty Advisor: Josef Parvizi
    Talk Title: Human intracranial electrophysiology of the default, dorsal attention and salience networks
    Event: Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2019
    Supported by The Matthew Frank Family


  • Awarded in 2016

    Home Department: ICME
    Faculty Advisor: Alison Marsden
    Talk Title: Virtual Evaluation Of Surgical Revascularization Techniques In Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    2016 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference - Abhay was a finalist at the student paper competition, garnering the third place prize.

  • Awarded in 2020

    Home Department: Radiology
    Faculty Advisor: Shreyas Vasanawala
    Talk Title: Ungated, motion robust, simultaneous cardiac and liver T2* quantification via rosette k-Space sampling
    Event: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s 28th Annual Meeting - Adam received a Magna Cum Laude abstract award for his talk.
    Supported by The Matthew Frank Family

  • Awarded in 2010
    Home Department: Electrical Engineering
    Faculty Advisor: Sam Gambhir
    Talk Title: Family of enhanced photoacoustic imaging agents for high sensitivity and multiplexing studies in living mice
    World Molecular Imaging Congress 2010

    Awarded in 2009

    Talk Title: Photoacoustic Molecular Imaging using Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Living Mice
    World Molecular Imaging Congress 2008 - Adam received the Young Investigator Award for his work.
  • Awarded in 2010

    Home Department: Computer Science
    Faculty Advisor: Kenneth Salisbury
    Talk Title: Using Near-Field Stereo Vision for Robotic Grasping in Cluttered Environments
    International Symposium on Experimental Robotics

  • Awarded in 2017

    Home Department: Stem Cell Biology
    Faculty Advisor: Paul Khavari
    Talk Title: Mapping epigenomic regulatory networks with combined CRISPR and single cell ATAC
    Event: EMBO-EMBL Symposium: From Single- to Multiomics

  • Awarded in 2012
    Home Department: Electrical Engineering
    Faculty Advisor: Norbert Pelc
    Talk Title: A comparison of dual kV energy integrating and energy discriminating photon counting detectors for dual energy x-ray imaging
    SPIE Medical Imaging 2012

    Awarded in 2010

    Talk Title: Synthetic CT: Generating Images of Arbitrary CT Protocols Using a Dual Energy Scan
    Event: RSNA 2010