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Ingmar Riedel-Kruse - Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Clark Center Faculty

The Riedel-Kruse lab combines basic research and engineering approaches by working on (1) biophysics of development and (2) biotic games.

  1. They investigate how genetic networks orchestrate the dynamics and mechanics of developing embryos with a focus on oscillatory processes and molecular forces, with the long-term motivation to advance our understanding on human disease and tissue engineering.
  2. Biotic games require biological process to run and could have a similar impact on society as conventional video games based on electronics; and we design and engineer biotic games specifically targeted at educational challenges and to support biomedical research.

Theyuse theoretical/computational as well as experimental approaches based on molecular, cellular, developmental biology; zebrafish; imaging; physics; informatics / computer sciences; micro-fluidics; and engineering.