The Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program funds undergraduate research training through an award designed to support interdisciplinary undergraduate summer research projects. Awards are made through an application process available to any Bio-X affiliated faculty across campus (nearly 600 Faculty are affiliated with the Bio-X program). Student awardees receive a stipend equivalent to ten weeks of laboratory work.

The program is an invaluable opportunity for students to conduct hands-on research, learn how to carry out experiments in the laboratory, and develop the skills to read and analyze scientific literature. To date, 241 students have been awarded the opportunity to participate in the Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program. A unique component of the Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program is the Undergraduate Research Talks given by the mentors of our student awardees. These weekly Faculty talks expose students to a variety of scientific fields and enrich their summer research experience. This is a unique opportunity for students to hear more about the broad range of research within Stanford, to meet faculty in a variety of scientific fields, and to meet each other as potential future collaborators and colleagues.

Poster Presentations
Faculty Talks
(Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Award Brochure)