June 15

Fan Yang (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Engineering biomaterials for directing stem cell differentiation and tissue regeneration

Matthew Scott (Developmental Biology)

Genetic Control of Development & Disease

Theo Palmer (Neurosurgery)

New neurons in learning, memory and forgetting

June 22

Gavin Sherlock (Genetics)

Watching yeast change: Using genomics to understand the adaptive landscape

Hanlee Ji (Medicine - Oncology)

Next generation human disease genetics through digital genome analysis

Carlos Bustamante (Genetics)

Genomic insights into the great human diasporas [SUNet login required]

June 29

Alan Cheng (Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery)

Development and function of the mammalian cochlea

James Chen (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Zebrafish models of regeneration [SUNet login required]

Serafim Batzoglou (Computer Science)

When will everyone be sequenced?

Aaron Straight (Biochemistry)

Organizing and segregating the genome

July 6

Russell Fernald (Biology)

How does behavior change the brain? [SUNet login required]

Daniel Rubin (Radiology and Medicine)

Imaging informatics: from pixels to biomedical meaning

Richard Zare (Chemistry)

New Imaging Techniques

Vijay Pande (Chemistry)

Folding@home: Pushing the limits of molecular simulation

July 13

Calvin Kuo (Medicine - Hematology)

Gastrointestinal tissue engineering [SUNet login required]

Chaitan Khosla (Chemical Engineering)

Biological Chemistry or Chemical Biology?

Ron Levy (Medicine - Oncology)

Using the immune system to treat cancer

Jill Helms (Surgery - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

Modeling the salamander: using developmental signals to enhance tissue regeneration

July 20

Raphael Guzman (Neurosurgery)

Intravascular stem cell therapy for experimental neonatal hypoxia

Hongjie Dai (Chemistry)

Nanomaterials for detection, imaging and therapy

Paul Khavari (Dermatology)

How cancers arise [SUNet login required]

Antonio Hardan (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Pivotal response group treatment studies for parents of young children with autism

July 27

Carla Shatz (Biology and Neurobiology)

Releasing the brake on neural plasticity [SUNet login required]

Julie Theriot (Biochemistry and Microbiology and Immunology)

Mechanics and dynamics of cell motility [SUNet login required]

Christina Smolke (Bioengineering)

Programming cellular behavior with RNA controllers [SUNet login required]

Peter Maxim (Radiation Oncology)

Motion management in radiotherapy

August 3

Marius Wernig (Pathology)

Direct induction of neuronal cells from fibroblasts

Julien Sage (Pediatrics and Genetics)

The RB gene family in stem cells and cancer initiation

Bruce MacIver (Anesthesiology)

Using EEG to measure loss of consciousness in fighter jet pilots

Kalanit Grill-Spector (Psychology)

Neural basis of face, body and object recognition in the human brain

August 10

Yanmin Yang (Neurology and Neurological Sciences)

BPAG1n4: a sensory neuron's sustainer [SUNet login required]

Ben Barres (Neurobiology)

What do astrocytes do?

Mary Teruel (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Understanding PI3K signaling and variation in the control of fat cell function

Sam Gambhir (Radiology)

Imaging cancer using molecular spies

August 17

Steven Block (Applied Physics)

Single molecule biophysics [SUNet login required]

Joe Wu (Medicine and Radiology)

Clinical hurdles of pluripotent stem cell therapy

Scott Delp (Bioengineering)

Dynamics of running

Judith Frydman (Bioengineering)

Molecular origami: protein folding and misfolding in the cell