June 27

Alejandro Sweet-Cordero (Pediatrics)

Functional analysis of the EWS/FLI-1 translocation

Ian Gotlib (Psychology)

Understanding and reducing risk for depression

Anthony Oro (Dermatology)

Definitive genetic therapies for skin diseases [SUNet login required]

Renee Reijo Pera (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Fertilized egg to embryo: The first five days of human development

July 6

Philip Beachy (Biochemistry)

Hedgehog signaling in development, disease, and regeneration

Virginia Walbot (Biology)

Origin of meiotic cells in plants [SUNet login required]

May Han (Neurology)

Multiple sclerosis and brain autoimmunity

Alexander Dunn (Chemical Engineering)

The cell as machine: Understanding how cells detect and respond to mechanical information

July 11

Gerald Crabtree (Pathology)

Engineering mice to study chromatin in vivo

Stefan Heller (Otolaryngology)

How our senses of hearing and balance work and what happens when they don't work

James Gross (Psychology)

Emotion regulation

Paul Khavari (Dermatology)

Genomic reprogramming in stem cell differentiation and cancer [SUNet login required]

July 18

Anne Brunet (Genetics)

Regulation of aging and longevity

Sharon Pitteri (Radiology)

New strategies for the imaging of cancer

Michael Hsieh (Urology)

Studying an ancient enemy with 21st century tools: Vanquishing the world's deadliest worm

Marius Wernig (Pathology)

Direct conversion of skin cells to neurons

July 25

Calvin Kuo (Medicine)

In vitro modeling of the gastrointestinal tract

Stephen Montgomery (Pathology)

The genetics of gene expression [SUNet login required]

C. Andrew Bonham (Surgery)

Transplantation of intestinal stem cells

M. Bruce MacIver (Anesthesia)

The time-course of synaptic inhibition in human vs rat brain circuits

August 1

Robert Chang (Ophthalmology)

Peristat online visual field screening for glaucoma

Michelle Monje-Deisseroth (Neurology)

Remodeling the brain’s infrastructure: Mechanisms of postnatal neurodevelopment in health and disease

Miriam Goodman (Molecular and Cellular Physiology)

How do we feel? The mystery and importance of touch and what C. elegans can teach us about how it works

Karen Parker (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

The role of oxytocin biology in the social impairments of autism [SUNet login required]

August 8

Karl Deisseroth (Bioengineering)

Optogenetics: Development and application

Mary Teruel (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Using single-cell imaging and targeted mass spectrometry to uncover the feedback loops controlling differentiation

Laura Attardi (Radiation Oncology)

Deconstructing p53 pathways in vivo using mouse models

Allan Reiss (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Integrating genes, brain and behavior in Fragile X (FXS) and Williams Syndromes (WS): The “yin and yang” of social behavior

August 15

Anthony Norcia (Psychology)

Using EEG to image the dynamics of human vision

Steven Block (Applied Physics)

Optical tweezers: Biophysics, one molecule at a time

Josh Elias (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Measuring dynamic proteomes with quantitative mass spectrometry

Drew Nelson (Mechanical Engineering)

Fatigue and residual stresses in bones and arteries

August 22

Scott Delp (Bioengineering)

Dynamics of walking and running

Olivia Martinez (Surgery)

Challenges and opportunities for the future in transplant immunology

Russ Altman (Bioengineering)

Understanding the interaction of genes and drugs

Julie Theriot (Biochemistry)

Life on the inside: Secrets of bacterial pathogens [SUNet login required]

August 29

Dean Felsher (Medicine)

Modeling and predicting therapeutic efficacy of cancer treatments

Justin du Bois (Chemistry)

Turning toxins into tools for ion channel studies

Yanmin Yang (Neurology)

Calcium tips the balance [SUNet login required]

Tom Quertermous (Medicine)

Dissecting the genetic risk for coronary heart disease