Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program Poster with the talk titles below, and showing photos of faculty speakers

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Don't miss more talks recorded by additional Stanford faculty mentoring Stanford Bio-X undergraduates - check them out below!

June 23

Anna Gloyn (Pediatrics - Endocrinology & Diabetes)

The Genetics of Diabetes: Sweet Dreams & Nightmares

Craig Levin (Radiology)

High Spatial Resolution Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Systems Under Development at Stanford [SUNet login required]

Sarah Heilshorn (Materials Science & Engineering)

Biomaterials Design for Regenerative Medicine

June 30

Laramie Duncan (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

Genetics of Mental Health Conditions [SUNet login required]

Marlene Rabinovitch (Pediatrics - Cardiology)

Converging Pathways Inform New Therapies for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension [SUNet login required]

Anca Pasca (Pediatrics - Neonatal & Developmental Medicine)

Identification of Therapeutic Targets for Brain Injury of Prematurity [SUNet login required]

July 7

Anshul Kundaje (Genetics and Computer Science)

Deep Learning the Regulatory Code of the Human Genome

Erinn Rankin (Radiation Oncology and Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Ovarian Cancer [SUNet login required]

Michael Howitt (Pathology and Microbiology & Immunology)

Acquiring a Taste for Parasites: Chemosensory Tuft Cells in Shaping Intestinal Immunity [SUNet login required]

July 14

Laura M. K. Dassama (Chemistry)

Chemical Biology for Genetic Blood Disorders [SUNet login required]

Thomas Quertermous (Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine)

Genetic Mechanisms of Coronary Artery Disease [SUNet login required]

Emmanuel Mignot (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

Narcolepsy and the Art of Not Letting Dogs Lie

July 21

Paul Bollyky (Medicine - Infectious Diseases and Microbiology & Immunology)

Bacteriophage Therapy [SUNet login required]

Ansuman Satpathy (Pathology)

Cancer Immunotherapy and the Next Generation of Cancer Therapies

Jason Andrews (Medicine - Infectious Diseases)

Tracking the Emergence and Global Spread of Antimicrobial-Resistant Typhoid

July 28

Claudia Petritsch (Neurosurgery)

A Journey Across Species: How Studying Cell Fate Decisions in Fly and Mice Led to a Better Under-standing of Human Brain Cancer

Maria Grazia Roncarolo (Pediatrics - Stem Cell Transplantation and Medicine - Blood & Marrow Transplantation)

Genetic Engineering of T Cells for Immune Tolerance [SUNet login required]

Henry C. Lee (Pediatrics - Neonatal & Developmental Medicine)

Research and Quality Improvement to Advance Neonatal Health Equity [SUNet login required]

August 4

Kari Nadeau (Medicine and Pediatrics - Allergy & Clinical Immunology)

Signaling Pathways in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of COVID

Robert M. Waymouth (Chemistry)

New Materials for Gene Delivery: From Chemistry to Biology

Boris Heifets (Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Medicine)

Deconstructing Powerful Psychotropic Drugs to Make Better Medicine

August 11

Wah Chiu (Photon Science Directorate, Bioengineering, and Microbiology & Immunology)

Seeing Molecular Machines by CryoEM

William Weis (Structural Biology, Photon Science Directorate, and Molecular & Cellular Physiology)

How Do Mechanical Forces Regulate Molecular Functions in Cells and Tissues? [SUNet login required]

Katherine Ferrara (Radiology)

Adeno Associated Viruses Deliver to Specific Organ and Cells Subsets [SUNet login required]

August 18

Matthew Wheeler (Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine)

From One to 8 Billion: Scale and Generalizability in Human Subjects Research

Casey Gifford (Pediatrics - Cardiology)

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Complex Genetics and Congenital Heart Disease [SUNet login required]

Anthony Wagner (Psychology)

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Remembering [SUNet login required]

August 25

Stephen Quake (Bioengineering and Applied Physics)

Why Physics Matters for the Pandemic

Euan Ashley (Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine, Genetics, and Biomedical Data Science)

Wearables and Cardiovascular Health

Chaitan Khosla (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry)

Assembly Line Biosynthesis of Polyketide Antibiotics [SUNet login required]



More of the Stanford faculty mentoring Stanford Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program participants this summer generously volunteered to pre-record talks about their careers and research to share with the cohort.

Ron Dror (Computer Science)

Learning and Simulating Biomolecular Structure [SUNet login required]

Edward Graves (Radiation Oncology - Radiation Physics)

Random Walk Diffusion, or, How Did I Wind Up in My Particular Professional Niche? [SUNet login required]

Stanley Qi (Bioengineering and Chemical & Systems Biology)

Development of CRISPR Antiviral to Combat SARS-CoV-2 and Broad-Spectrum RNA Viruses [SUNet login required]

Ian Gotlib (Psychology)

Early Life Stress, Neurodevelopment, and Adolescents' Response to the Pandemic

Antonio Hardan (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

Targeting Oxytocin and Arginine Vasopressin Biology in Autism [SUNet login required]

Michelle Monje (Neurology & Neurological Sciences)

Neuron-Glial Interactions in Health and Disease: From Cognition to Cancer [SUNet login required]