June 25

Ching-Pin Chang (Cardiovascular Medicine)

July 2

Hui Wang representing Shawn X. Chen Laboratory (Radiology)

Matt Carter representing Luis De Lecea Laboratory (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

July 9

Tom Wandless (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Clifford Wang (Chemical Engineering)

July 16

Russ Altman (Bioengineering and Genetics)

Firdaus Dhabhar (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)

July 23

Charles Taylor (Bioengineering and Surgery)

Patrick Ng representing Shoshana Levy Laboratory (Medicine - Oncology)

July 30

Geoffrey Gurtner (Surgery - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

James Chen ( Chemical and Systems Biology and Developmental Biology)

August 6

Michael Clarke (Medicine - Oncology)

August 13

Vinod Menon (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)