Room Scheduling

View our available rooms, scheduling policy and availability.  Then, request a room for your event.


Facilities Office

General Facilities Issues 

Report any building emergencies, building maintenance requests, or housekeeping issues directly to the Facilities Office, either by visiting S1.1 or calling us at (650) 724-3333 during business hours.

For Absolutely Urgent Issues After Business Hours, during Weekends, and on Holidays: 

Please call:

  • Jeff Meister: (650) 492-3061
  • Scott Wilton: (650) 833-9238
  • Heideh Fattaey: (650) 799-1608

Non-Emergency Facilities Requests 

For non-emergency facilities requests, please click here to submit a help ticket.

Building Access Request 

In order to complete your application, you will need an email from your Faculty PI verifying all 3 of the following items:

  • The faculty has read the application
  • The faculty has reviewed all of the training courses and checked all courses needed for the applicant
  • The faculty approves of the applicant working in the Clark Center (and/or shared spaces such as SCI3)

You will need to include a copy of this email from your Faculty PI in your application with the other materials.


Building access paperwork can be downloaded HERE.  Please do one of the following:

  1. Print the form, fill out all fields and acquire needed signatures, take all necessary trainings, scan the form, and email the scanned copy to
  2. Fill the form out digitally with your PDF reader (including signatures), take all trainings, and email the form back to
  3. Print the form, fill it out, take all trainings, acquire all signatures, and return the completed form to the Clark Center Facilities Office in S1.1.

Due to our open floor plan, all relevant safety trainings must be completed before access is granted. The verification email from the Faculty PI must also be received before access can be granted.

For Visiting Scholars:

With the access application, visiting scholars must also provide the following:

  1. A copy of the completed SU-18A Patent and Copyright Agreement
  2. A copy of the departmental invitational letter showing the length of scholar's visit, which must be signed by the department chair

Note: If you will need access to the Stanford Center for Innovation in In Vivo Imaging (SCi3), please also review the access instructions listed on the SCi3 website.

Lab Safety 

Each lab participates in quarterly lab safety meetings, and is prepared for evacuation of the building in the event of an emergency.  Help maintain an updated roster for your lab by submitting revisions to the Clark Administrator.

Clark Center emergency evacuation instructions are available here.

IT Support

Clark Center provides network and desktop support to Clark residents.  Please visit the IT homepage for further information and to request assistance.


Shared Equipment 

A list of the shared equipment available in the Clark Center can be downloaded here.


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