June 24

Margaret Fuller (Developmental Biology & Genetics)

Control of proliferation and differentiation in an adult stem cell lingeage [SUNet login required]

Edward Graves (Radiation Oncology)

Effects of radiation on tumor cell migration

Geoffrey Gurtner (Surgery)

Stem cells and wound healing

July 2

Joy Wu (Endocrinology)

Bone and blood: how the skeleton controls blood cell production

Anthony Wagner (Psychology)

Imaging human memories: understanding the mechanisms of learning and remembering

Alfred Spormann (Civil & Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering)

Microbial electrosynthesis: synthesis of CO2-neutral chemicals

Alexandria Boehm (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Sunlight inactivation of waterborne pathogens

July 9

Lars Steinmetz (Genetics)

Extensive diversity in the transcriptional output of genomes [SUNet login required]

Carla Shatz (Biology and Neurobiology)

New synapses in old brains? [SUNet login required]

Rajat Rohatgi (Oncology)

The connections between cancer and development

Daria Mochly-Rosen (Chemical & Systems Biology)

What does translational research mean?

July 16

Thomas Südhof (Molecular & Cellular Physiology)

Neurexins and the molecular logic of neural circuits

Paul Bollyky (Infectious Diseases)

Tissue integrity signals and translational immunology

Marc Levenston (Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanical Engineering)

Improving repair of articular cartilage defects

Lucy Shapiro (Developmental Biology)

The architecture of a bacterial cell cycle in time and space [SUNet login required]

July 23

David Prince (Neurology)

Prophylaxis of posttraumatic epilepsy [SUNet login required]

Julien Sage (Pediatrics and Genetics)

Reversing evolution to enhance regeneration [SUNet login required]

Bianxiao Cui (Chemistry)

Tracking cargo transport in neurons

Emilie Cheung (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Rotator cuff tears

July 30

Sharon Pitteri (Radiology)

Molecular approaches for early cancer detection

Audrey Ellerbee Bowden (Electrical Engineering)

Optical coherence tomography: technology and applications

Russ Fernald (Biology)

Social control of the brain [SUNet login required]

Jeffrey Glenn (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Translating molecular virology into novel antiviral therapies [SUNet login required]

August 6

Michelle Monje (Neurology)

Neuron-glial interactions in development and disease

Marius Wernig (Pathology)

Reprogramming fibroblasts to neurons

Anne Brunet (Genetics)

Mechanisms that regulate the aging process

Giles Plant (Neurosurgery)

Stem cell transplantation to repair the injured spinal cord [SUNet login required]

August 13

Daniel Madison (Molecular & Cellular Physiology)

Fundamental synaptic circuitry: plasticity and disease

Alan Cheng (Otolaryngology)

Regeneration of inner ear sensory organs [SUNet login required]

Kevin Wang (Dermatology)

Unlocking royal secrets from the queen [SUNet login required]

Manish Butte (Pediatrics)

Immunology and mechanobiology

August 20

Mindie Nguyen (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

Epidemiology/outcome research in viral hepatitis and liver cancer: what we do and how students can participate

Daniel Jarosz (Chemical & Systems Biology and Developmental Biology)

Quantitative analysis of the evolving genotype-to-phenotype map

Roeland Nusse (Developmental Biology)

Stem cells and tissue maintenance

Sean Wu (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Stem cells in heart development and regeneration

August 27

Upi Singh (Infectious Diseases and Microbiology & Immunology)

Discovering novel aspects of pathogenesis in the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica

Atul Butte (Pediatrics - Systems Medicine and Genetics)

Translating a trillion points of data into therapies, diagnostics, and new insights into disease

Stephen Skirboll (Neurosurgery)

A novel live cell antibody array to identify cancer stem cells in glioblastoma

Euan Ashley (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Genomic medicine [SUNet login required]