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Bio-X is Stanford's pioneering interdisciplinary biosciences institute, bringing together biomedical and life science researchers, clinicians, engineers, physicists, and computational scientists to unlock the secrets of the human body.

Smiling Asian female graduate student with her hair tied back, wearing a white sweater and leaning down over a complex microscope/laser contraption on a silver table.
Stanford Bio-X affiliated faculty members W. E. Moerner and Stanley Qi and co-first author Stanford Bio-X Fellow Jiarui Wang used super-resolution microscopy to uncover new details about the location of viral molecules in a cell after coronavirus infection.


Participating in interdisciplinary research prepares students for careers that make an impact in the scientific community.

Our pioneering approach to science generates novel technologies for exploring how the body works.

Research breakthroughs and technological advances by our collaborative teams advance scientific knowledge.

Our programs bridge disciplines
and catalyze discoveries that will ultimately improve human health.