The Clark Center seminar rooms (S360, S361, S362, and S363) and Auditorium are available to be booked by all of Stanford, for events a maximum of three months from the date we receive the request. A room usage charge applies to events held in the Clark Auditorium, the Clark Courtyard, and Clark S360. If you would like to reserve one of these spaces, please contact us or submit a request below for the date and time you are interested in, and we will let you know if the space is available.

Residents of the Clark Center with a Clark Center PI as their event sponsor may book seminar rooms, the Auditorium, and the building conference rooms a maximum of one year from the date we receive the request.

Please browse our rooms and check their availability before submitting a request. We ask for at least one full business day to process requests, which will be addressed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please review the full list of policies before placing a room request. Currently, face coverings are recommended indoors regardless of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. See Stanford Health Alerts for details. Please refer to Health Alerts for the most updated guidance regarding face coverings and Stanford Health Check.

Until further notice, whoever books the meeting (Event Contact) must make and maintain a list of attendees of their meeting. The Event Contact is responsible for keeping this list in case contact tracing for COVID-19 is needed. The attendee list must include first name, last name, and a readable email address. The Event Contact is also responsible for making sure that every attendee has a valid Stanford ID.

Please note: Per University guidelines, at this time, it is permitted to consume food and drink inside of conference or seminar rooms. Serving and eating food and drinks outdoors instead is recommended whenever possible.

No food can be served in Clark Center meeting rooms unless it is catered by Café Buttery or Greenfish Nexus.

Catering or delivery from any other entity for a meeting at the Clark Center violates our policies and will jeopardize your ability to reserve rooms at Clark.

The only approved caterers for meetings at the Clark Center are:

  • Café Buttery@Clark - for coffee, pastries, breakfast, and light lunch (sandwich and/or salad) catering
  • Greenfish Nexus - for lunches, receptions, dinners, and other catering


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**Update 1/18/2017: After March 31st, 2017, Clark Center conference rooms will no longer support analog conference phones. If you are planning to do phone conferencing in a Clark Center room, you will need to bring a VoIP conference phone.