Become an Affiliate

Stanford faculty who are eligible to become affiliates:

  • Regular tenured or tenure-line faculty (UTL/University Tenure Line)
  • UML (University Medical Line)/MCL (Medical Center Line) faculty
  • NTLR (Non-Tenure Line/Research) faculty (eligible for any Stanford Bio-X funding only if at least one other PI involved in the research has a UTL or MCL appointment)


Meet Our Current Affiliate Faculty

Over 1,300 Stanford faculty have become Bio-X affiliates. Bio-X affiliates may:

  • participate in our seed grants program
  • become mentors for the Bio-X PhD Fellows
  • apply for undergraduate research funds
  • use shared research space
  • join in enhanced communication about biology-related multidisciplinary work throughout the University
  • be notified about fundraising opportunities, collaborations with industries, events, courses, and available facilities and instruments

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Grant Programs

Interdisciplinary Initiatives Seed Grants Program (IIP)

The Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Seed Grants Program awards provide seed funding for high-risk, high-reward collaborative proposals including basic research leading to fundamental discoveries, as well as innovative technology, relating to human health.



Bio-X NeuroVentures incubates exceptionally creative ideas that have great potential for unlocking the secrets of the brain, permitting researchers to immediately pursue the most promising of new approaches to interdisciplinary brain research.


A partnership model for corporate sponsorship, the BioSTAR grants are currently supporting several innovative interdisciplinary collaboration projects undertaken by Bio-X affiliated faculty.