Bio-X partners with corporations through a variety of models, thus strengthening the academic-industrial relationship and enhancing research and education in life bioscience.


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  • Affiliate Membership

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    Join as an affiliate member of Bio-X to build sustainable relationships with world-class researchers at Stanford and integrate with the unique, interdisciplinary environment of Bio-X.
  • Sponsored Research Collaborations

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    Bio-X works closely with each corporate organization and the Stanford faculty to match research interests, and build more in-depth collaborations through sponsored research projects.
  • Gift Funding

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    Gift funding allows corporations to support the world-class and transformational research conducted at Stanford, and build a closer tie to Stanford over general areas of research interest.
  • Corporate Fellowships

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    Get involved with cutting edge research conducted by the innovative minds of PhD students by participating through the Bio-X Fellows Program.
  • In-Kind Collaborations

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    Creating partnerships through in-kind collaborations helps to build the platforms for cultivating deeper academic-industrial collaborations in a more organic manner.
  • Visiting Scholar or Visiting Postdoc Fellowships

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    Visiting Scholar or Visiting Postdoc Fellowships provide Stanford labs the opportunity to have top-notch researchers in their labs for a set period of time from external organizations to develop partnerships and collaborations in numerous research areas.