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PhD Fellows

Check out the 2022 Stanford Bio-X Fellowship Brochure!

Welcome to our 2022 Stanford Bio-X Fellows!

Our 2022 cohort of Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows have begun their Fellowships! We're so excited to support them as they pursue their research passions. Follow us on Twitter @StanfordBioX to meet some of our amazing alumni!

Meet the 2022 cohort and all of our Stanford Bio-X Fellows in the Brochure!

Collage of 21 diverse graduate students' headshot photos.

2022 Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows.

The Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowships offer Ph.D. candidates funding independent of any one lab or grant, freeing recipients to pursue interdisciplinary research and to work with multiple mentors.

group photo of Stanford Bio-X graduate fellows

About the Graduate Fellowship Program

The Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program provides current Stanford graduate students whose research interests are interdisciplinary in nature with three years of funding support. Because Stanford Bio-X Fellows work on the cutting edge at the intersection of disciplines, their potential to generate transformative discoveries for the benefit of human health is profound.

To date, the Stanford Bio-X Fellowship program has provided 364 graduate students representing 32 different departments with awards to pursue interdisciplinary research and to collaborate with multiple mentors, enhancing their potential to generate profound transformative discoveries. Graduates of the program have transitioned to successful careers in the industry sector, co-founded start-up companies, and hold professorships at Stanford and its peer institutions.

group photo of Stanford Bio-X graduate fellows

The Stanford Bio-X Bowes fellowships are made possible by funding from an endowment from William K. Bowes and also funding from the William K. Bowes Foundation while the Stanford Bio-X SIGFs, SIGFs affiliated with the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute or with Stanford ChEM-H, and Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Graduate Fellow are made possible by other generous donors. These donations are helping Stanford strengthen graduate training in interdisciplinary biosciences, thereby spurring important new advances in science and engineering.


Applications for the next cycle of the graduate fellowships will be available online in early January 2023, at which time the link to the application and details of eligibility requirements will be available on this page.


photo of Kate Montgomery, Carolina Tropini, Joanna Mattis, and Samir Menon, speakers at the June 2013 Fellows Symposium

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