Graduate Students

Become a PhD Fellow 

The Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowships offer Ph.D. candidates funding independent of any one lab or grant, freeing recipients to pursue interdisciplinary research and to work with multiple mentors.

Present at a Conference 

The Bio-X Travel Awards Program gives graduate students the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills, to travel and network with like-minded peers, and to learn new ideas that could potentially and positively affect their research.

Take a Class

The Stanford Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences seminar series, available for registration through multiple departments and listed as CHEMENG 459, presents a broad set of scientific and technical themes related to interdisciplinary biological sciences.

Attend a Workshop

Stanford Bio-X sponsors workshops for faculty and students which teach and address a variety of cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary topics.



Summer Research Program

The Stanford Bio-X Undergraduate Summer Research Program funds undergraduate research training through an award designed to support interdisciplinary undergraduate summer research projects.