The Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program gives PhD candidates and postdoctoral students the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills, to travel and network with like-minded peers, to disseminate information about their research, and to learn new ideas that could potentially and positively affect their research and that of others.

Travel Awardees Matthew Bieniosek, Cesare Jenkins, Chen-Ming Chang, and Kristen Lurie

2015 Stanford Bio-X Travel Awardees Matthew Bieniosek, Cesare Jenkins, Chen-Ming Chang, and Kristen Lurie.

About the Travel Awards Program

Photo of Travel Awardee Tianyi Wang in Venice, Italy.

Tianyi Wang in Venice, Italy for The 8th Combined Meeting
of Orthopaedic Research Societies.

Stanford Bio-X provides a $500 travel subsidy for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows giving oral presentations at scientific conferences. (Students who have been accepted to present a poster or attend a conference but not to deliver an oral presentation are not eligible for the award.)

To be eligible for the award, applicants must be PhD candidates or postdoctoral students (and their faculty advisor must be a Stanford Bio-X affiliate) conducting interdisciplinary research. Applicants must be accepted to give a lecture-style oral presentation of 10 minutes or more at a scientific meeting.

The Bio-X Travel Award may be used for virtual conference registration. Given the ongoing changes to travel policies at the international, local, university, and department levels due to Covid-19, eligible applicants who opt to present in-person at conferences must communicate with their faculty and department administrators to ensure they are complying with all policies at the time of travel. 

Bio-X approves the award prior to the student’s event. After the student completes the travel, their finance administrator confirms Stanford travel policies were met and inputs the reimbursement request in the Stanford system. It is the responsibility of the student and the departmental administrator who input the request for the travel award reimbursement that the travel in question was done in full compliance with policies and regulations. Bio-X then approves the reimbursement. 

Students may apply for the travel subsidy once every calendar year and must submit award applications prior to attending the meeting. Please submit applications well in advance, and keep in mind that applications will not be reviewed on weekends or University holidays.

To date, Stanford Bio-X has provided travel awards to over 630 students since the program began in 2006.


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