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  • Awarded in 2010

    Home Department: Electrical Engineering
    Faculty Advisor: Krishna Shenoy
    Talk Title: Low-Dimensional Neural Features Predict Muscle EMG Signals
    Society for Neuroscience 2010

  • Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow
    Awarded in 2020
    Home Department: Mechanical Engineering
    Faculty Advisors: Allison Okamura (Mechanical Engineering), Sherry Wren (Surgery – General Surgery), Jeannette Bohg (Computer Science), and Dorsa Sadigh (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  • Awarded in 2016
    Home Department: Genetics
    Faculty Advisor: Dmitri Petrov
    Talk Title: Mutational patterns in Drosophila melanogaster
    The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) 2016

    Awarded in 2015
    Talk Title: Deep sequencing of natural and laboratory populations of Drosophila melanogaster reveals new insights into the spectrum of de novo deleterious mutations
    Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2015

    Awarded in 2014
    Talk Title: Staggered sweeps: The obstruction of adaptation in diploids by recessive, strongly deleterious alleles
    Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2014

  • 2016 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant
    Home Department: undeclared
    Supported by: Ted & Colleen Friedel
    Mentor: John Oghalai, Otolaryngology
  • Bio-X Affiliated Faculty
    The Sun lab focuses on understanding the molecular mechanism of transcription factors that govern the transformation of normal mammalian cells to a neoplastic state.
  • Bio-X Affiliated Faculty
    Dr. He's research is concentrated in the area of statistical genetics and integrative analysis of omics data, attempting to develop new statistical methodologies that aid with the identification and interpretation of complex biological pathways involved in human diseases, particularly neurological disorders.
  • Awarded in 2009

    Home Department: Biology
    Faculty Advisor: Wing Wong
    Talk Title: Statistical analysis of gene regulation from high-throughput genomic data
    Intl Workshop on Probability Theory, Statistics, and Their Applications to Biology 2009

  • Awarded in 2019

    Home Department: Radiology
    Faculty Advisor: Craig Levin
    Talk Title: Simultaneous dual isotope ToF-PET imaging
    Event: 2019 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) and 26th International Symposium on Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detectors (RTSD)
    Supported by The Matthew Frank Family

  • Bio-X Affiliated Faculty
    Research areas in the Bao Group include synthesis of functional organic and polymer materials, organic electronic device design and fabrication, and applications development for organic electronics.
  • Bio-X Affiliated Faculty
    Dr. Cheng's overall objective of his laboratory is to develop novel molecular imaging probes and techniques for non-invasive detection of cancer and its metastasis at the earliest stage, so that cancer can be cured or transformed into a chronic, manageable disease.