November 22, 2013 - 10:00am–12:00pm, Location TBA (in the Clark Center)

Please join Allison Paradise from My Green Lab and learn more about different technological options available today that maintain or increase productivity in laboratories while decreasing energy consumption and/or waste. This talk will comprise of two related topics with a coffee break in between.

Illuminating Microscopy: The Case for Quantitative Images, Reduced Cost, and Reduced Toxicity

Quantifying fluorescence can be a challenging endeavor. Not only is it important to make sure that all experimental and imaging parameters remain constant, but it is also critical to take into account the diminishing brightness of the bulb. Traditional bulbs lose 10-20% of their intensity within the first 200 hours of use, are costly to replace, and are highly toxic, containing nearly as much mercury as a mercury thermometer. Recent advances in technology offer microscope lighting options that are stable (quantitative), long-lasting, and non-toxic. We will discuss how to save money and improve your results while reducing the environmental impact of laboratories through mercury waste reduction.

Best Practices in Laboratories from the Dual Perspectives of Research and Sustainability

Oftentimes, best practices for sustainability are seen as being at odds with research and are therefore met with resistance. This talk will demonstrate that the belief in the incompatibility between sustainability and science is a myth. We will examine several best practices and demonstrate how following these simple guidelines will not only benefit science, but will also save money and reduce the environmental impact of the lab.