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Bio-X in the News

Bio-X research is making headlines all over the world. View the latest news stories about our students', friends', and affiliates' successes.

April 08, 2016 Google Glass Flopped. But Kids With Autism Are Using It to Learn Emotions
April 05, 2016 New Stanford center targets Salmonella with $10M grant
March 29, 2016 Better Battery Anodes with Caged Silicon Nanoparticles
March 29, 2016 Sex will be made unnecessary by 'designer babies', professor says
March 24, 2016 Layered graphene oxide hosts lithium metal anodes
March 23, 2016 New Research Sheds Light on Gambling Addiction … At Least in Rats
March 23, 2016 Risky Rats Give Clues on Brain Circuitry Behind Taking a Chance
March 23, 2016 Why You Should Try That Crazy Virtual Reality Headset
March 23, 2016 Scientists Can Now Watch the Brain Evaluate Risk
March 21, 2016 Mobile-phone health apps deliver data bounty
March 21, 2016 Controversial New Push to Tie Microbes to Alzheimer's Disease
March 18, 2016 Gut health: Stanford researchers explain how what's in our bellies affects myriad health issues
March 17, 2016 Stanford chemists develop an ultra-sensitive test for cancers, HIV
March 17, 2016 Stanford Professor Receives Recognition for Thermal-Management Research
March 16, 2016 Stanford tests for squishy embryos
March 15, 2016 Gene Editing Casts a Wide Net
March 14, 2016 The Weirdness of Boxes
March 14, 2016 Inedible plant waste and CO2 could replace PET in plastics
March 14, 2016 Magnetic Insight, Stanford School of Medicine collaborate on magnetic particle imaging to advance cancer research
March 13, 2016 Many scientific “truths” are, in fact, false