Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program Round 2 – 2002

Daria Mochly-Rosen, Molecular Pharmacology
Paul Wender, Chemistry

Our objective is to provide a training program for students interested in the interface of biology and chemistry, with the goal of training the future leaders in molecular pharmacology and drug design.  By providing broad training in biochemistry, chemical synthesis, biophysics, mathematical modeling, medical biology, and pharmacology, these students will be highly sought after for leadership positions at academic institutions, biotechnology companies, consulting/investment groups, and pharmaceutical companies.  As a first step, and a central part of our ongoing educational mission, we will begin with the creation of a graduate student training program, which includes:

  • A three-quarter core curriculum of courses integrating chemistry and biology and taught by faculty recognized for their particular areas of expertise and their teaching accomplishments.
  • A seminar series, symposium and a retreat  involving both outside speakers and intra-program participation.

To ensure continuing support through an NIH Training Grant in subsequent years, we plan to initiate the QCB program now. To this end, we request support from the Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiative Program.  Together with funds from the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, the Bio-X seed funds will help to cover the costs associated with developing new courses, sponsoring one graduate student, running a successful seminar program and sponsoring an off-campus retreat for students and faculty in OCB.