Past Seminar Series: 2000/2001

10 January, 2001
Richard Zare, Stanford University
“Some Dreams of Using Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics”

23 February, 2001
Mu-Ming Poo, University of California, Berkeley
“Local and Distributed Synaptic Modifications in Neural Networks induced Patterned Stimulation”

9 March, 2001
David Stuart, University of Oxford, UK
“Piecing Together How dsRNA Viruses Work as Miniature, Self-Assembling, Factories”

6 April, 2001
Adam Arkin, University of California, Berkeley
“Comparative Regulatory Motif Analysis in Cellular Sensing and Switching”

20 April, 2001
David Walt, Tufts University
“Optical Sensor Microarrays: From High Throughput Screening to Artificial Onfaction”

18 May, 2001
Alice Gast, Stanford University
“Ordering in Two-Dimensions - Physical Chemistry Lessons from Proteins”

4 June, 2001
Jeffrey Hubbell, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and University of Zurich
“Materials-Based Therapeutics:  Blending the Boundaries between the Drug and the Drug Carrier”



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