Past Seminar Series: 2001/2002

11 October, 2001
Ken Salisbury, Stanford University
“Robotic and Virtual Surgery”

15 November, 2001
Irv Weissman, Stanford University
“Biology and Transplantation of Stem and Progenitor Cells”

6 December, 2001
David Agard, University of California, San Francisco
“Tackling Cellular Structure in 3D: Pushing the limits of light and Electron Microscopy”

17 January, 2002
Alexander Van Oudenaarden, MIT
“Challenging Physics Problems in Quantitative Biology: Noise, Self-organization, and Pattern Formation”

21 February, 2002
Paul Rainey, University of Oxford
“The Causes of Ecological Diversity: Insights from Experimental Bacterial Populations”

11 April, 2002
Joanne Chory, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
“Light, Brassinosteroids, and Plant Development”

23 April, 2002
Stephen Harrison, Harvard University
“Putting Together a Virus ... and Taking it Apart”

8 May, 2002
Jill Helms, University of California-San Francisco
“Mechanical Stimuli and Molecular Signals Mediating Skeletal Tissue Regeneration”

30 May, 2002
Charles Turner, Indiana University
“Why Isn’t the Human Skeleton Built to Last?”


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