Past Seminar Series: 2005/2006

13 October, 2005
Chris Chen, University of Pennsylvania          
“Forces, Form and Stem Cell Function:  Mechanotransduction at the Cellular and Multicellular Scale”

3 November, 2005
James Miller, Washington University in St. Louis                    
“Nonlinear Ultrasonic Imaging: A Tool for Probing Normal and Diseased Hearts”

1 December, 2005
Giulio Tononi, University of Wisconsin
“Sleep and Synaptic Homeostasis: New Ideas about Sleep Function”

26 January, 2006
Mario Capecchi, University of Utah                
“Gene Targeting into the 21st Century:  Mouse Models of Human Disease from Cancer to Neuropsychiatric Disorders”

9 February, 2006
Marius Clore, NIH                  
“Insights into Recognition in Transient Macromolecular Complexes using NMR”

23 February, 2006
Subra Suresh, MIT
“Nanomechanics of Living Cells and Human Disease States”

13 April, 2006
Daniel Chiu, University of Washington
“Single Molecule Methods for Probing Synaptic Function”

4 May, 2006
Ron Weiss, Princeton University                     
“Synthetic Biology: From Bacteria to Stem Cells”

25 May, 2006
Jennifer Cochran, Stanford University
“Engineering Proteins for Therapeutic Applications”


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