Past Seminar Series: 2009/2010

1 October, 2009
Denis Wirtz, John Hopkins University
The biophysical basis of laminopathies

29 October, 2009
Nicole King, University of California, Berkeley
Choanoflagellate morphogenesis, interspecies signaling and the origin of animal multicellularity

3 December, 2009
David Jaffray, University Toronto
Advancing the Image-guidance Radiotherapy Paradigm: Investigations in Nanotechnology

14 January, 2010
Anthony Leonardo, Janelia Farm Research Campus of the HHMI
Neuronal and behavioral dynamics underlying prey capture in the dragonfly

11 February, 2010
Bob Langer, MIT
Biomaterials and biotechnology:  From the discovery of angiogenesis inhibitors to the development of drug delivery systems and the foundation of tissue engineering

4 March, 2010
Eric Siggia, Rockefeller University
Predicting the course of evolution

15 April, 2010
Peter Tyack, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Using electronic tags to discover how toothed whales echolocate to find and capture prey in the deep ocean

6 May, 2010
Joseph Wang, UCSD
Can Man-Made Nanomachines Compete with Biomotors?"

27 May, 2010
Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University
Bio-inspired, reconfigurable, “spiny” surfaces: En route for adaptive materials


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