Past Seminar Series: 2010/2011

30 September, 2010
Frank Bova, University of Florida
“20 years of Radiosurgery and Image Guided Surgery”

11 November, 2010
Douglas Lauffenburger, MIT
“Thermodynamic models of cis-regulation”

18 November, 2010
Daniel Beard, Medical College of Wisconsin
Systems Analysis of Metabolic Function in the Heart—from Molecules to Cells to Whole-Organ Function

13 January, 2011
Dan Roden, Surgery, Vanderbilt University
Personalizing Medicine the Vanderbilt way

17 February, 2011
Fred Chang, Columbia University
How cells divide in the middle

10 March, 2011
Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University
Specific Inhibition of Nucleation of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation As a Therapeutic Strategy for Parkinson's Disease

7 April, 2011
David Botstein, Princeton University
“Coordination of Growth Rate, Cell Cycle, Stress Response and Metabolic Activity in Yeast”

28 April, 2011
David Weitz, Harvard University
Fluctuations and dynamic arrest in cells

26 May, 2011
Peter Wolynes, University of California, San Diego
“Recent Successes of the Energy Landscape Theory of Protein Folding”


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