Past Seminar Series: 2011/2012

27 October, 2011
Rafael Irizarry, John Hopkins University
“Epigenetic variation as a driving force for development and cancer”

17 November, 2011
Barak Cohen, Washington University in St. Louis
“Thermodynamic models of cis-regulation”

8 December, 2011
Kevin Haigis, Harvard University
“In vivo systems biology of inflammatory signaling in the GI tract”

26 January, 2012
Mehmet Toner, Surgery, Harvard
“Bioengineering and Clinical Applications of Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Chip”

16 February, 2012
Hang Lu, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Microtechnologies for High-throughput High-content Developmental Biology and Neurogenetics”

15 March, 2012
Thomas Steitz, Yale University
“From the Structure and Function of the Ribosome to New Antibiotics”

12 April, 2012
Jacob Schaefer, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
“Carbon partitioning, metabolism, and cell-wall structure in leaves under elevated CO2 conditions using in vivo 11C and 13C labeling”

10 May, 2012
Jonathan Stamler, Case Western Reserve University
“Protein S-nitrosylation and potential for therapeutic allostery”

7 June, 2012
Steven Henikoff, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
“Mapping genome-wide nucleosome dynamics”


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