Past Seminar Series: 2012/2013

4 October, 2012
Sebastian Seung, MIT
“Relating activity and connectivity in neural networks”
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25 October, 2012
Jay Groves, University of California, Berkeley
“Spatial organization and the mechanics of signal transduction at the single molecule level”
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29 November, 2012
Philipp Keller, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
“Reconstructing neural development”
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17 January, 2013
Eero Simoncelli, New York University
“Probing sensory representations with metameric stimuli”
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14 February, 2013
Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta
“Discovery of ligands from genetically-encoded libraries of synthetic molecules”
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7 March, 2013
Jill Mesirov, Broad Institute
“Computational Approaches to Genomic Medicine”
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11 April, 2013
Douglas DeSimone, The University of Virginia
“Mechanical Force and the Regulation of Morphogenesis”
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9 May, 2013
David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz
“Big data and new models needed to study DNA variation in evolution and cancer”
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6 June, 2013
Lloyd Minor, Stanford University
“Navigating the Labyrinth of the Inner Ear: Achieving 'Balance' as a Clinician Scientist”
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