The Clark Center Auditorium is located downstairs below the Clark Center Courtyard, accessible by the courtyard staircase or by the elevators in the East wing lobby.

It is available for lectures, presentations, seminars, and other events and can accommodate a maximum of 150 people with theater-style seating (rows of individual chairs with desktops).

NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the Clark Center Auditorium or the lobby space at ANY TIME.  Event speakers may have bottled water ONLY.

The event organizer and the event owner are considered jointly responsible for upholding this policy, and any food or trash left behind will result in a housekeeping fee of at least $250.

The Auditorium tablet supports Zoom meetings. A laminated copy of instructions for use will be available on the podium. Please review the instructions in advance of your meeting and follow them carefully to ensure correct connection:

Clark Auditorium Zoom Instructions