Please note: event organizers are responsible for reading and understanding the full list of policies below. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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We expect that meetings are open to all students and faculty and that there is no registration fee for attendance. If you decide to charge a registration fee, we will need to review the reason behind the charge, and you will need approval from our office for registration fees.

Currently, face coverings are recommended indoors at all times regardless of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. See Stanford Health Alerts for details.

Please refer to Health Alerts for the most updated guidance regarding face coverings and Stanford Health Check.

Until further notice, whoever books the meeting (Event Contact) must make and maintain a list of attendees of their meeting. The Event Contact is responsible for keeping this list in case contact tracing for COVID-19 is needed. The attendee list must include first name, last name, and a readable email address. The Event Contact is also responsible for making sure that every attendee has a valid Stanford ID.

Only scientifically related meetings that serve the mission of Bio-X would be allowed in Clark.

Stanford's resources exist to support the university's missions of creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. The university's assets must be preserved for these purposes, not for the personal gain of individuals nor for outside parties' uses which do not further Stanford's academic objectives.

Filming and/or photography inside Clark Center spaces is not allowed unless you have received specific written approval in advance from Clark Center Facilities.

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Anyone at Stanford may request to book the Clark Auditorium and the 3rd floor seminar rooms (S360, S361, S362, and S363). Please consult the policy above as to whether the meeting's purpose is appropriate. Only Clark Center residents with designated desk/bench space in the building may book the conference rooms (W155, W255, W355, E105, E205, E305, S222, and W080).

Clark residents can book meetings for a year out from the day the request is submitted. Non-Clark occupants can book a maximum of three months out from the date of the request.

The Event Owner for every meeting or event must be a Principal Investigator or a Stanford faculty member.

For any classes/courses booked in S361, a Clark Center faculty member (resident of the Clark Center with lab space in the building) must be the instructor for the course.

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A room usage charge applies to events held in the Clark Auditorium, the Clark Courtyard, and Clark S360. If you would like to reserve one of these spaces, please contact us or submit a reservation request for the date and time you are interested in, and we will let you know if the space is available.

A valid PTA is required to submit any room request, for insurance purposes.  Any damage to the room (including food/drink spills and messes) or undue rearrangement of the room furniture will result in a minimum $250 charge for housekeeping.

Any food or drink or related trash found in the Clark Auditorium will result in a minimum of a $250 fee, as food and drink are strictly prohibited in that space at all times.

No furniture of any kind may be brought into the Auditorium. The seminar and conference rooms must be returned to their original configuration by the end of the meeting time. If additional cleaning or repair is needed, a fee of at least $250 will apply. If an event will be utilizing the Clark Center Courtyard space to serve any food, a housekeeping fee of a minimum of $250 per four hours will be necessary.

Any meeting or event held on a weekend will require at least $250/four hours housekeeping, as well as a chaperone fee (to be determined by Clark Reservations team, based on details of event). Events held outside of business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM) may also be subject to these fees.

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Filming and Photography:

Filming and/or photography inside Clark Center spaces is not allowed unless you have received specific written approval in advance from Clark Center Facilities. Requests for approval must be made, and approval must be received, well in advance of the intended shoot date.

You will need to submit a certificate of insurance (sample available here) when you request approval from the Clark Center. Please keep in mind that submitting a certificate does not guarantee approval.

Please review Stanford University Communications general filming policy and filming FAQ pages before requesting approval from Clark Center Facilities.

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Advertising Events:

No posters, banners or materials of any kind may be affixed to walls, doors or railings. Posters may be displayed on the corkboard in the seminar room lobby area, or on easels.

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All conference and seminar rooms have a touchscreen system.  Instructions vary slightly depending on the room you are interested in:

S360 and S361  S362 and S363  W155, W255, W255, E105, E205, E305, W110, W080, & S222

The Auditorium's AV functions can be accessed via the podium, including computer projection and lighting. (Certain specialty equipment can only be accessed via the AV equipment room. The AV equipment room remains locked, and can only be accessed if an Event Services technician is present during the entire event. In your Service Request, please advise Event Services that the technician will need to unlock the equipment room.)

The Auditorium tablet supports Zoom meetings. A laminated copy of instructions for use will be available on the podium. Please review the instructions in advance of your meeting and follow them carefully to ensure correct connection:

Clark Auditorium Zoom Instructions

All of our rooms support VGA and HDMI connections, including the Auditorium.

The Clark Center does not provide any adapters.  Please bring any adapters your computer may require to connect.

Any additional furniture must be requested from Stanford Event Services and approved in advance by Clark Center Facilities.  All items brought to Clark must be picked up by Event Services on the same day as the event.  The event organizer must let Event Services know in advance that it is a requirement that they pick up after the event has concluded and do not leave furniture, equipment, or other items at the Clark Center overnight.  The event organizer is responsible for communicating to Clark Facilities the timeline and components of their Event Services order and making sure the order is approved.

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AV Support:

The Clark Center does not provide audiovisual support for meetings and events. Clark Center IT does not offer any equipment or support for any of our spaces.

If the Clark Center IT team can and does provide technical support during an emergency, there will be a minimum charge of $250 to the PTA provided with the reservation.

For AV assistance, please submit a service request form to Stanford Event Services.  For assistance with video conferencing, please contact Stanford Video.  Please make arrangements with them well in advance of your meeting or event in order to be sure they are prepared to support your needs.

In your room reservation request, we highly recommend that you include an hour and a half of setup time, to test your laptop with the AV and video conferencing equipment and to contact Event Services if necessary. The event contact is responsible for checking and testing the equipment before the event begins. Please place a separate room reservation request to schedule a test session in advance if needed.

Please note that if you choose not to have an Event Services technician at your event and you encounter technical problems, you will still need to contact Event Services, since the Clark Center does not have in-house AV technicians.

Clark Center seminar rooms S362 and S363 support VoIP telephone conferencing and videoconferencing.

**Update 1/18/2017: After March 31st, 2017, Clark Center conference rooms will no longer support analog conference phones. If you are planning to do phone conferencing in a Clark Center room, you will need to bring a VoIP conference phone.

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Please note, as of January 1st, 2009, the Clark Auditorium Lobby will no longer be available for catered events. Please do not set up food or beverages in this space.

Requests for use of the courtyard must be submitted via the online form. Please wait for written confirmation from our Clark Center room scheduler before organizing catering in the courtyard area. Catering in the courtyard must be arranged through the Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee) by calling (650) 725-1503 or submitting a Catering Request Form and must be approved by Clark Reservations in advance.

Catering in the seminar rooms (S360, S361, S362, and S363) must be approved by the Clark Reservations in advance and must be arranged through the Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee) by calling (650) 497-9227, or by submitting a Catering Request Form.

The Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee) is also the only approved caterer for weekend or after-hours events held in the Clark Center.

Food, beverages and smoking are never permitted in the Auditorium. Please note that a $250 cleaning fee will be charged to any group bringing food or beverages into the auditorium.

Catering for the conference rooms (W155, W255, W355, E105, E205, E305, S222, W080, and W110), reserved by the Clark Center faculty only, may be ordered through the Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee) by calling (650) 497-9227, or by submitting a Catering Request Form; or from outside vendors.

  • For ALL rooms at the Clark Center: Per University guidelines, at this time, it is permitted to consume food and drink inside of conference or seminar rooms. Serving and eating food and drinks outdoors instead is recommended whenever possible, as it allows attendees to wear face coverings for the duration of the actual meeting.
  • Food must be served in individual containers. Buffet-style dishes with open containers are not permitted to be served at Clark.
  • For all conference rooms (West and East buildings, South building, and Biodesign rooms), the Event Contact must meet the caterers outside on time, have them sign the check-in sheet at the Clark Facilities office, and either accompany them to an outdoor space that will not disrupt others at Clark, or personally bring the catering inside to the meeting area. Caterers are not permitted to enter the building’s laboratory spaces at any time.
  • Catering may also be brought to and eaten in the Nexus Cafeteria dining area with prior authorization from the Clark Reservations team.
  • This is a health and safety issue.

For any catering, the event contact must notify Clark Reservations in advance. (This is a health and safety requirement.)

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After-Hours Access:

If your event finishes after 5 PM, please ensure that all room doors are closed at the end of your event. Please ensure that lights are turned off. We recommend that an Event Services technician should be present at your after-hours event to assist with any AV problems.

If your event will take place in the Auditorium before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM, and you expect attendees to need access to the elevators, please let us know so that we can make arrangements to keep the necessary doors unlocked.

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Bumping Policy:

For rooms booked earlier than three months from the date of the request, the organizer must acknowledge the Clark Center's bumping policy clause, which states that a meeting booked more than three months in advance may be bumped off of the calendar to accommodate Bio-X events and/or building emergencies or building maintenance projects.

Implementation of the bumping policy is rare and will generally only occur for major building repairs. The Clark Center Facilities office appreciates event organizers' patience and cooperation.

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Cancellation Policies:

Cancellation Policy for Weekdays (8 AM - 5 PM) Reservations

For all cancellations, please send an email by replying to the confirmation email you received when your original request was confirmed (not the automated calendar invite). Be sure to include your meeting/event date(s), time(s), and room location. The person who reserved the room must be the person who cancels the reservation request. If you are unable to find your email confirmation, please send an email to the Clark Center facilities team ( with the subject line: "Cancel Meeting - Title of Meeting/Event" and include the specifics of the date(s), time(s), and room.

Please note that declining a meeting for which you are the organizer in your calendar does not notify Clark Reservations, and does not constitute a cancellation.  We must receive an email as described above.

Cancellation Policy for After-Hours and Weekend Events

The event coordinator must notify the Clark Center facilities team of any cancellation request two weeks prior to an after-hours or weekend event. Please note that there will be a charge of 50% of the agreed chaperone fee to the requester's PTA if the event coordinator fails to provide two weeks notice of cancellation.

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After-Hours or Weekend Events:

For any after-hours or weekend events, an on-site chaperone is required. After-hours or weekend events are subject to fees that will be added to the reservation:

  • For weekday after-hours (after 5 PM - Monday through Friday) events, the chaperone fee will be a minimum of $75 per hour.
    • Any after-hour events are to be reviewed by the facilities office for approval with a tentative agenda of the event including the set up and breakdown time of the event. Email confirmation will be sent upon approval.
  • For weekend events, the fee of a weekend chaperone charge with travel will be included as well as the charge for housekeeping fee is $250 for every four hours.

Please note: The only approved caterer is the Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee). Please make appropriate arrangements by calling (650) 497-9227, or by submitting a Catering Request Form.

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Last-Minute Reservations for After-Hours or Weekend Events:

For reservation requests placed within 24 hours of the event, a chaperone fee will be added:

  • For weekday after-hours (after 5 PM - Monday through Friday) events, the chaperone fee will be a minimum of $100 per hour.
    • Any after-hour events are to be reviewed by the facilities office for approval. Email confirmation needed.
  • For weekend events, a late fee of $200 will be added to the regular weekend chaperone charge.

Please note there will be a housekeeping fee if you decide to serve food for your meeting/event. The charge for housekeeping fee is $250 for every four hours.

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