The Clark Center Courtyard is located in the middle of the three wings and is the roof of the Clark Auditorium.

There can be no food or drink in the Clark Center Auditorium at any time. No red wine is allowed in the Courtyard at any time. There is no furniture in the Courtyard, and using the Cafe's outdoor tables is not permitted: all furniture must be ordered through Stanford Event and Labor Services after requesting and receiving approval from the Clark Center Facilities office and Clark Reservations team.  Large events will also be required to order trash cans and recycling bins from Stanford PSSI.

No food can be served in the Clark Center Courtyard unless it is catered by Café Buttery or Greenfish Nexus.

Catering or delivery from any other entity for a meeting at the Clark Center violates our policies and will jeopardize your ability to reserve rooms at Clark.

The only approved caterers for meetings at the Clark Center are:

  • Café Buttery@Clark - for coffee, pastries, breakfast, and light lunch (sandwich and/or salad) catering
  • Greenfish Nexus - for lunches, receptions, dinners, and other catering

The Courtyard must be reserved with a request like any other Clark Center space.  Its availability is restricted by events in the Auditorium, as noise travels down and can disrupt other meetings in the Auditorium space.

The event organizer and the event owner are considered jointly responsible for upholding these policies, and any food or trash left behind will result in a housekeeping fee of at least $250.