E305 can ONLY be reserved by residents of the Clark Center.

E305 is located on the 3rd floor of the East wing of the Clark Center, through door E3.3 and through the laboratory.  It is available for small meetings, presentations, and other assorted events and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people with round-table seating.

You may ONLY book E305 if attendees will be escorted through the lab by an individual with Clark Center badge access who has completed the necessary safety training.

Access to the Clark Center building and to the conference rooms will require a Clark Center access badge.

The event organizer and the event owner are considered jointly responsible for the cleanliness of the room, and any food messes, spills, undue garbage, or major rearrangement of furniture will result in a housekeeping fee of at least $250.

Per University guidelines, at this time, it is permitted to consume food and drink inside of conference or seminar rooms. Serving and eating food and drinks outdoors instead is recommended whenever possible.

No food can be served in Clark Center meeting rooms unless it is catered by Café Buttery or Greenfish Nexus.

Catering or delivery from any other entity for a meeting at the Clark Center violates our policies and will jeopardize your ability to reserve rooms at Clark.

The only approved caterers for meetings at the Clark Center are:

  • Café Buttery@Clark - for coffee, pastries, breakfast, and light lunch (sandwich and/or salad) catering
  • Greenfish Nexus - for lunches, receptions, dinners, and other catering