S222 can ONLY be reserved by residents of the Clark Center.

S222 is located on the 2nd floor of the South wing of the Clark Center, through door S2.1 and down the hall.  It is available for small meetings, presentations, and other assorted events and can accommodate a maximum of 16 people with round-table seating.

The Clark Center is accessible between 8am and 6pm Monday through Friday.  Before or after hours or on weekends, access to the building and to the conference rooms will require a Clark Center access badge.

The event organizer and the event owner are considered jointly responsible for the cleanliness of the room, and any food messes, spills, undue garbage, or major rearrangement of furniture will result in a housekeeping fee of at least $250.

Catering for S222, reserved by the Clark Center faculty only, may be ordered through the Coffee Bar @ the Clark Center (Peet's Coffee) by calling (650) 497-9227, or by submitting a Catering Request Form; or by contacting Stanford Catering at (650) 725-1503 (Stanford Catering does not handle Peet’s orders); or from outside vendors.

Per University guidelines, at this time, it is permitted to consume food and drink inside of conference or seminar rooms. Serving and eating food and drinks outdoors instead is recommended whenever possible, as it allows attendees to wear face coverings for the duration of the actual meeting.

Food must be served in individual containers. Buffet-style dishes with open containers are not permitted to be served at Clark.

For all conference rooms (West and East buildings, South building, and Biodesign rooms), the Event Contact must meet the caterers outside on time, have them sign the check-in sheet at the Clark Facilities office, and either accompany them to an outdoor space that will not disrupt others at Clark, or personally bring the catering inside to the meeting area. Caterers are not permitted to enter the building’s laboratory spaces at any time..

Catering may also be brought to and eaten in the Nexus Cafeteria dining area with prior authorization from the Clark Reservations team.

For any catering, the event contact must notify Clark Reservations in advance. (This is a health and safety requirement.)