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Clark Center Rooms Calendar Index

As of May 19, 2021, rooms may be reserved through the Bio-X website only by Clark Center Faculty and their admins, and meetings can only include Clark center residents at this time. Please review the Clark Center Room Reservation policies.

Please click on the links to view a free/busy calendar for the room you are interested in. You may reserve only the room on your floor of residence.

Please note that successive meetings display as a single "busy" block.

Please keep in mind that 30 minutes must be allowed between each meeting, and everyone must keep to their allotted time.

Calendar availability does not constitute a guarantee of space: rooms must be requested with the Room Reservation Request Form.

Room Calendar
Clark Residents ONLY:  
Conference Room E105 E105 Calendar
Conference Room E205 E205 Calendar
Conference Room E305 E305 Calendar
Conference Room S222 S222 Calendar
Conference Room W080 W080 Calendar
Conference Room W155 W155 Calendar
Conference Room W255 W255 Calendar
Conference Room W355 W355 Calendar