Group photo showing dozens of Stanford Bio-X graduate students seated on steps at the Clark Center, wearing matching shirts and with their arms around each other.

Group photo of Stanford Bio-X Fellows in 2019.

May 28, 2020

Stanford Bio-X is delighted to announce the 2020 Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows. These 21 exemplary students represent 14 different programs and departments coming to the Stanford Bio-X community from 20 Stanford faculty labs. With the addition of this 2020 cohort, the Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program has now offered 3-year funding support to a total of 318 meritorious Stanford graduate students conducting unique and transformative interdisciplinary research projects to tackle the complexity of the human body.

Bio-X is grateful to our donors, including the Bowes Foundation, for their continued generous support of the Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program. Since its inception in 2004, the program supports Stanford graduate students pursuing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research under multiple faculty mentors, offering them the freedom to maximize the impact and expand the scope of their work. 210 Stanford Bio-X Fellows have graduated from Stanford and are now pursuing successful careers in the industry sector, have co-founded start-up companies, and hold professorships at Stanford and its peer institutions.

We are honored to include the 2020 Fellows in the Bio-X community and look forward to helping them pursue their passions. To learn more about the program, meet the previous cohorts, and read about the successes of our Fellows, please visit the Stanford Bio-X Fellows website.


The 2020 Stanford Bio-X Fellows Cohort in alphabetical order:

Laura Amaya Hernandez (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Howard Chang and Bali Pulendran

Chien Yi Chang (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Fei-Fei Li and Yang Hu

Zonghe Chua (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Allison Okamura and Sherry Wren

Madeline Cooper (Biophysics, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Brad Zuchero and Alex Dunn

Yuhang Fan (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Bo Wang and James Ferrell

Yukun (Alex) Hao (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Thomas Clandinin and Michael Lin

YoungJu Jo (Applied Physics)
Advised by: Profs. Karl Deisseroth and Surya Ganguli

Benjamin Knapp (Biophysics)
Advised by: Profs. KC Huang and Elizabeth Sattely

Catherine Meis (Materials Science and Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Eric Appel and Peter Kim
Sedona Murphy (Genetics)
Advised by: Profs. Alistair Boettiger and Andrew Spakowitz

Dania Nanes Sarfati (Biology)
Advised by: Profs. Bo Wang and Stephen Palumbi

Lucero Rogel-Hernandez (Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
Advised by: Profs. Miriam Goodman and Elizabeth Sattely

John Silberstein (Immunology)
Advised by: Profs. Jennifer Cochran and Ronald Levy

Jon Stingel (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Scott Delp and Maarten Lansberg

Ella Thomson (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Ada Poon and Justin Annes

Victor Tieu (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Stanley Qi and Crystal Mackall

David Wang (Biology, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Liqun Luo and Jun Ding

Lucy Wang (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Ellen Kuhl and Miriam Goodman

Pumiao Yan (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Boris Murmann and Krishna Shenoy

Eric Zhao (Chemical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Nicholas Melosh and Geoffrey Gurtner

Biyao Zou (Epidemiology)
Advised by: Profs. Mindie Nguyen and Shan Wang