Photo of dozens of Stanford Bio-X PhD Fellows standing together in matching dark gray and red shirts.

Group photo of Stanford Bio-X Fellows in 2019.

May 25, 2021

Stanford Bio-X is delighted to announce the 2021 Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows. These 25 exemplary students represent 13 different programs and departments coming to the Stanford Bio-X community working with 44 Stanford faculty mentors. With the addition of this 2021 cohort, the Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program has now offered funding support to a total of 343 meritorious Stanford graduate students conducting unique and transformative interdisciplinary research projects to tackle the complexity of the human body.

Bio-X is grateful to our donors, including the Bowes Foundation, for their continued generous support of the Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program. Since its inception in 2004, the program supports Stanford graduate students pursuing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research under multiple faculty mentors, offering them the freedom to maximize the impact and expand the scope of their work. 224 Stanford Bio-X Fellows have graduated from Stanford and are now pursuing successful careers in the industry sector, have co-founded start-up companies, and hold professorships at Stanford and its peer institutions.

We are honored to include the 2021 Fellows in the Bio-X community and look forward to helping them pursue their passions. To learn more about the program, meet the previous cohorts, and read about the successes of our Fellows, please visit the Stanford Bio-X Fellows website.

Meet them and learn about their research in our 2021 Fellowship Brochure!


The 2021 Stanford Bio-X Fellows Cohort in alphabetical order:

Carlos Alvarado Acosta (Structural Biology)
Advised by: Profs. Joseph Puglisi and Zev Bryant

Manish Ayushman (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Fan Yang and Ashby Morrison

Cecelia Brown (Biology)
Advised by: Profs. Jan Skotheim and Julien Sage

Je Rui Chang (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Manu Prakash and Lele Sanjiva

Ana Sofia de Olazarra (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Shan Wang and Paul J. Utz

Michelle Drews (Neurosciences, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Carla Shatz and Anca Pasca

Haotian Du (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Possu Huang and Edgar Engleman

Yi-Shiou Duh (Physics)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Brongersma and Xiaoke Chen

Yuan Jia (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Robert Waymouth and Ronald Levy

Kristjan Eerik Kaseniit (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Xiaojing Gao and Possu Huang

Fikunwa Oluwapamilerinay Kolawole (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Daniel Ennis and Ellen Kuhl

Rachael Kretsch (Biophysics)
Advised by: Profs. Rhiju Das and Wah Chiu

Veronica Li (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Jonathan Long and Justin Du Bois

Kang Yong Loh (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Karl Deisseroth and Carolyn Bertozzi 

Christopher Long (Materials Science & Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Sarah Heilshorn and Tony Wyss-Coray

Delaney Miller (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Steve Collins and Nicholas Giori

Amr Mohamed (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Anshul Kundaje and Polly Fordyce

Adi Mukund (Biophysics, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Lacramioara Bintu and Michael Bassik 

Gabriella Muwanga (Neurosciences)
Advised by: Profs. Vivianne Tawfik and Raag Airan

Nicholas Rommelfanger (Applied Physics)
Advised by: Profs. Guosong Hong and Paul Nuyujukian

Joshua Sampson (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Skylar-Scott and Steven Boxer 

Sophia Shi (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Tony Wyss-Coray and Carolyn Bertozzi

Peter Suzuki (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Polly Fordyce and Lacramioara Bintu

Ramandeep Vilkhu (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Subhasish Mitra and E.J. Chichilnisky

Jonathan Weiss (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Skylar-Scott and Joseph Woo