Collage of headshot photos of 21 graduate students.

The 2022 Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows.

June 1, 2022

Stanford Bio-X is delighted to announce the 2022 Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellows. These 21 exemplary students represent 13 different departments and programs coming to the Stanford Bio-X community working with 37 Stanford faculty mentors. With the addition of this 2022 cohort, the Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship Program has now funded a total of 364 meritorious Stanford graduate students conducting unique and transformative interdisciplinary research projects to tackle the complexity of the human body.

Bio-X is grateful to our donors, including the Bowes Foundation, for their continued generous support of the Stanford Bio-X Fellowship Program. Since its inception in 2004, the program has supported Stanford graduate students pursuing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research under multiple faculty mentors, offering them the freedom to maximize the impact and expand the scope of their work. 252 Stanford Bio-X Fellows have graduated from Stanford and are now pursuing successful careers in the industry sector, have co-founded start-up companies, and hold professorships at Stanford and its peer institutions.

We are honored to welcome the 2022 Fellows to the Bio-X community and look forward to supporting them as they pursue their passions. To learn more about the program, meet the previous cohorts, and read about the successes of our Fellows, please visit the Stanford Bio-X Fellows website.


The 2022 Stanford Bio-X Fellows Cohort in alphabetical order:

Preksha Bhagchandani (Immunology)
Advised by: Profs. Seung Kim and Everett Meyer

Sa Cai (Materials Science & Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Stanley Qi and Guosong Hong

Xinyi Chen (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Stanley Qi and Wendy Fantl

Jacob Horne (Chemical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Jian Qin and Daniel Jarosz

Minji Kang (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Aaron Newman and Michael Clarke

Erica Liu (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Bianxiao Cui and Jun Ding

Zhiru Liu (Applied Physics)
Advised by: Profs. Benjamin Good and Ami Bhatt

Steven Miller (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Justin Du Bois and Merritt Maduke

Akshatkumar Nigam (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Michael Bassik and Anshul Kundaje

Anusri Pampari (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Anshul Kundaje and Maya M. Kasowski

Kalani Ratnasiri (Immunology)
Advised by: Profs. Purvesh Khatri and Catherine Blish

Fredrik Samdal Solberg (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Skylar-Scott and Allison Okamura

Jiawei Sun (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Kerwyn Huang and Denise Monack

Raeline Valbuena (Genetics)
Advised by: Profs. Serena Sanulli and Michael Bassik

Cassandra Villicana (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Fan Yang and Stuart Goodman

Javier Weddington (Neurosciences)
Advised by: Profs. Stephen Baccus and Nick Haber

Eric Wu (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. James Zou and Daniel Ho

Ting-Hsuan (Timothy) Wu (Biochemistry, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Krasnow and Catherine Blish

Yan Wu (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Michael Lin and Nathanael Gray

Jonathan Yang (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Carolyn Bertozzi and Alice Ting

Maxim Zaslavsky (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Anshul Kundaje and Scott Boyd