Collage of headshot photos of 21 diverse graduate students.

2023 Stanford Bio-X PhD Fellows.

May 30, 2023

Stanford Bio-X is delighted to announce the 2023 Stanford Bio-X PhD Fellows. This year's 21 exemplary awardees represent 14 different departments and programs, and they will collaborate with 36 Stanford faculty mentors to bridge disciplines and undertake groundbreaking innovative research as a part of the Stanford Bio-X community. With the addition of our 2023 cohort, the Stanford Bio-X PhD Fellowship Program has now awarded a total of 385 meritorious Stanford students, supporting their unique and transformative interdisciplinary research projects.

Since its inception in 2004, the Stanford Bio-X Fellowship Program has supported Stanford PhD students pursuing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research under multiple faculty mentors, offering them the freedom to maximize the impact and expand the scope of their work. These remarkable young researchers receive full support (stipend and tuition) from Bio-X for three years of their graduate studies, allowing them to approach exciting research questions as they create connections within the Bio-X community and across campus.

To date, 282 Stanford Bio-X Fellows have graduated from Stanford, with alumni of the program establishing successful careers in the industry sector, founding start-up companies, holding professorships at Stanford and its peer institutions, and much more. Many of our alumni who have become Stanford faculty have now mentored Bio-X PhD Fellows in their own labs!

We are honored to welcome the 2023 Fellows to the Bio-X community, and look forward to supporting them as they pursue their passions and expand their research careers. To learn more about the program, meet the previous cohorts, and read about the successes of our Fellows, please visit the Stanford Bio-X Fellows website.

Bio-X is grateful to our donors, including the Bowes Foundation, for their continued generous support of the program. 

Check out the Stanford Bio-X PhD Fellowship Program Brochure!


The 2023 Stanford Bio-X Fellows Cohort in alphabetical order:

Carlos Aldrete (Chemical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Xiaojing Gao and Ngan Huang

Meelad Amouzgar (Immunology)
Advised by: Profs. Sean Bendall and Robert Tibshirani

Nahal Bagheri (Electrical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Steven Boxer and Possu Huang

Crystal Chen (Chemical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Stanley Qi and Katherine Ferrara

Benjamin Doughty (Genetics)
Advised by: Profs. William Greenleaf and Jesse Engreitz

Mark Fleck (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Fan Yang and Michael Lim

Kexin Huang (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Jure Leskovec and Anshul Kundaje

Karan Kathuria (Immunology, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Mark Davis and Prasanna Jagannathan

Rennie Kendrick (Neurosciences)
Advised by: Profs. Scott Owen and Scott Linderman

Danielle Klinger (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Kristy Red-Horse and Mark Skylar-Scott

Daniel Liu (Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Irving Weissman and Laura Prolo

Pradnya Narkhede (Chemistry)
Advised by: Profs. Or Gozani and James Chen

Babatunde Ogunlade (Materials Science & Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Jennifer Dionne and Amanda Kirane

Jennifer Parker (Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Michael Longaker and Eric Appel

Divya Rajasekharan (Mechanical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Leanne Williams and Ellen Kuhl

Julia Schaepe (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. William Greenleaf and Lacramioara Bintu

Jun Ho Song (Biology)
Advised by: Profs. Liqun Luo and Scott Linderman

Michelle Tai (Bioengineering)
Advised by: Profs. Fan Yang and Christina Curtis

Abby Thurm (Biophysics, Medicine)
Advised by: Profs. Lacramioara Bintu and Daniel Herschlag

Austin Wang (Computer Science)
Advised by: Profs. Anshul Kundaje and Kristy Red-Horse

Theodore Yang (Chemical Engineering)
Advised by: Profs. Daniel Jarosz and Jian Qin