Past Seminar Series: 2014/2015

29 September, 2014
Pre-seminar speaker: Beth Pruitt, Department of Mechanical Engineering
2 October, 2014
Seminar speaker: Ken Campbell, University of Kentucky
“Sarcomere Level Function in Human Heart Failure”
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20 October, 2014
Pre-seminar speaker: William Greenleaf, Department of Genetics
23 October, 2014
Seminar speaker: Bing Ren, UCSD School of Medicine
“Regulation of the 3D Genome”
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17 November, 2014
Pre-seminar speaker: Julia Salzman, Department of Biochemistry
20 November, 2014
Seminar speaker: Lior Pachter, UC Berkeley
“Recent Developments in RNA-Seq”
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12 January, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Anthony Oro, Department of Dermatology
15 January, 2015
Seminar speaker: David Mangelsdorf, University of Texas Southwestern
“Catching Fire: Surviving the Hunger Games through Nuclear Receptor/FGF Signaling”
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23 February, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Fan Yang, Departments of Bioengineering and Orthopaedic Surgery
26 February, 2015
Seminar speaker: Jeffrey Hubbell, University of Chicago
“Materials and Protein Engineering for Engineering Immunity and Tolerance”
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9 March, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: E.J. Chichilnisky, Department of Neurosurgery
12 March, 2015
Seminar speaker: Fred Rieke, University of Washington
“Parallel Processing and Computation in Neural Circuits”
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6 April, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Ben Barres, Departments of Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, and Neurology
9 April, 2015
Seminar speaker: Julia Kaltschmidt, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC
“Molecular Specialization in the Assembly of Presynaptic Inhibitory Synapses”
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4 May, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Lynette Cegelski, Department of Chemistry
7 May, 2015
Seminar speaker: Rob Tycko, NIH NIDDK
“Molecular Structural Basis for Amyloid Formation in Alzheimer’s Disease”
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1 June, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Peter S. Kim, Department of Biochemistry
4 June, 2015
Seminar speaker: Olga Boudker, Cornell University School of Medicine
“Membrane Transporters Beyond Crystal Structures: Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Glutamate Transporters”
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