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Past Seminar Series: 2015/2016

Pre-Seminars are held in Clark Center Seminar Room S361; Seminars are held in Clark Center Seminar Room S360.  A small lunch will be provided at 12:00 PM, and lectures begin at 12:15 PM.

29 September, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Judith Frydman, Departments of Biology and Genetics
1 October, 2015
Seminar speaker: Eugene Shakhnovich, Harvard University
“Merging Molecular Mechanism and Evolution: Theoretical Concepts and Experimental Explorations of Biophysical Fitness Landscapes”
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27 October, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Michelle Monje, Department of Neurology
29 October, 2015
Seminar speaker: Sarah Knox, UCSF
“Nerve-Stem Cell Interactions During Organ Development and Regeneration”
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1 December, 2015
Pre-seminar speaker: Pehr Harbury, Department of Biochemistry
3 December, 2015
Seminar speaker: Susan Marqusee, UC Berkeley
“Touring the Protein Folding Landscape: the View Depends on How and Where You Look”
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12 January, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Kang Shen, Departments of Biology and Pathology
14 January, 2016
Seminar speaker: Kang Shen, Stanford University
“Mechanisms of Neuronal Morphogenesis - how does a neuron take its shape?”
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9 February, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Michael Lin, Departments of Pediatrics and Bioengineering
11 February, 2016
Seminar speaker: David Schaffer, UC Berkeley
“Novel Technologies to Investigate the Neural Stem Cell Niche”
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8 March, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Joe Liao, Department of Urology
10 March, 2016
Seminar speaker: Jeff Tza-Huei Wang, Johns Hopkins University
“Discerning Rare Disease Biomarkers by Micro- and Nanotechnologies”
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5 April, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Bianxiao Cui, Department of Chemistry
7 April, 2016
Seminar speaker: Chandra Tucker, University of Colorado at Denver
“ Optical Control of Protein Activity Using Engineered Photoreceptors”
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26 April, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Ovijit Chaudhuri, Department of Mechanical Engineering
28 April, 2016
Seminar speaker: Linda Griffith, MIT
“Move Over, Mice: How Integration of Systems Biology with Organs-on-Chips May Humanize Therapeutic Development”
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17 May, 2016
Pre-seminar speaker: Alexander Dunn, Department of Chemical Engineering
19 May, 2016
Seminar speaker: Roger Kamm, MIT
In Vitro Vascularized Models for Metastatic Cancer ”
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