The Bio-X Poster Printer is available for use. Please review all of the guidelines below, and then submit an application form to open an account.

The James H. Clark Center has an HP DesignJet 5500ps printer.  The printer is available to all Stanford Bio-X affiliates for printing posters.



The Stanford Bio-X Poster Printer is located on the third floor of the South wing of the Clark Center, accessible through door S3.2 during business hours.

We have a Print-It-Yourself Workstation for printing during regular business hours (M-F 9-5).  Once you have been trained on the workstation and have supplied us with a chargeable PTA, you can print at your leisure and be billed monthly.

The poster printer will not be operational on any Stanford University holiday.

As of August 2008, the Stanford Bio-X Poster Printer has been serviced and upgraded to UV-stable ink. This should result in more fade-resistant prints.


Important Account Information:

The system that allows us to use SUNet IDs for access and authentication to our print server is undergoing code changes.  Please allow 1 - 2 full business days to process new and renewed accounts.  Plan accordingly and submit your application form well in advance of when you need to print.

We renew all poster printing accounts at the beginning of the Fiscal Year.  New account forms are required of all users beginning September 1.



Please fill out a Poster Printing Account Application form before you arrive or request one at the Clark Center Facilities Office in S1.1.  You can download one here.

Please complete the application, have your PI or Finance Administrator sign the form, and return it to the Facilities Office, email it to (please CC, or fax it to 650-725-0400.

Please note: your PI must be a Stanford Bio-X affiliated faculty member in order for us to process your application.


Printer Information:

  • Up to 600 dpi printed resolution
  • CMYK color
  • Paper types: HP Heavyweight Coated paper or HP Productivity Photo Gloss paper
  • Final printed size: smaller side can be up to 42 inches; longer side limited by the remaining length of the paper roll (<60 inches recommended)
  • A 60-inch paper cutter is available for trimming prints

Supported applications are: Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat (PDF)


Pricing and Payment:

The price to print on Heavyweight Coated Paper is $5.00 a square foot. For example, a 42 in. high x 48 in. wide poster would be $70.00. Printing on Photo Gloss paper is $7.00 a square foot. The Bio-X Poster Printer does not charge tax.

With our Print-It-Yourself Workstation, you provide a chargeable PTA for your poster printing (and an expiration date). You can then print at your leisure, and the account will be charged automatically at the end of the month.

For comparison, the prices at other printing locations, as of August 2023, are as follows:

FedEx Paper Type Size Turnaround
  Matte $6.99/square foot (not incl. sales tax) 24-Hours / 1 Business Day
  Glossy $8.50/square foot (not incl. sales tax) 24-Hours / 1 Business Day
Lathrop Library Size 3-Business Day Turnaround (Standard) Same-Day Turnaround (Rush)
  24" x 36" $50 (not incl. sales tax) $85 (not incl. sales tax)
  44" x 44" $60 (not incl. sales tax) $95 (not incl. sales tax)
  44" x 56" $85 (not incl. sales tax) $120 (not incl. sales tax)
  44" x 68" $110 (not incl. sales tax) $145 (not incl. sales tax)
  44" x 80" $135 (not incl. sales tax) $170 (not incl. sales tax)
  44" x 92" $160 (not incl. sales tax) $195 (not incl. sales tax)