August 26, 2015 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Clark Center Auditorium
James H. Clark Center 318 Campus Drive West, Stanford, CA 94305
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Seed Grants

Photo of IIP poster session in progress.By enabling scientists involved in technology development to work in highly collaborative ways with discovery scientists across a broad array of disciplines, the Bio-X program accelerates the pace of innovation. Bio-X is a fertile environment for visionaries, and the IIP awards give them the seed-funding they need to allow high-risk ideas to germinate and grow. In this way, the IIP awards have a unique purpose and profound rewards.

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Event agenda:

1:00PM - Introduction

Carla Shatz, David Starr Jordan Director of Stanford Bio-X

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1:10PM - Christopher Contag (Pediatrics)

Co-PIs: Michael Clarke (Oncology) and Olav Solgaard (Electrical Engineering)

Adaptation of a Miniature Microscope for the Noninvasive In Vivo Detection of Rare Circulating Tumor Cells in the Vasculature

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1:30PM - Dean Felsher (Oncology)

Co-PIs: Jianghong Rao (Radiology), T. Frederick Chin (Radiology), and S. David Paik (Radiology)

Prediction of Therapeutic Efficacy of Targeted Oncogene Inactivation via PET Imaging Using a Novel Smart Apoptosis Probe ([18F]CAIP)

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1:50PM - Ingmar Riedel-Kruse (Bioengineering)

Co-PI: Paulo Blikstein (Education)

Real Time Biology Cloud Experiments at Scale: Technology Development and Integration in Education

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2:10PM - Julie Theriot (Biochemistry)

PI: James Swartz (Chemical Engineering)

Building Genetic Tools to Engineer Cyanobacteria

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2:30PM - Shirit Einav (Medicine)

Co-PI: Stephen Quake (Bioengineering)

Novel Approaches to Antiviral Therapy

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2:50PM - David Camarillo (Bioengineering)

Co-PIs: Renee Reijo Pera (Obstetrics & Gynecology) and Barry Behr (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

The Physics of Healthy Embryo Development

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3:10PM - Brian Knutson (Psychology)

Co-PI: Karl Deisseroth (Bioengineering)

Illuminating the Neural Basis of Risky Choice

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3:30PM - Jennifer Cochran (Bioengineering)

Co-PI: Michelle Monje (Neurology)

Developing Targeted Drug Therapies for Brain Tumors

3:50PM - Closing Comments

Harvey Cohen, Seed Grant Committee Chair

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4:00PM - Reception and Poster Session - 170 posters presented!

Clark Center Courtyard