April 24, 2023 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
In-person at the Clark Center Auditorium
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Stanford Bio-X Talks in English (T.I.E.)

Introducing a broad range of scientific research in the Stanford Bio-X community through jargon-free lectures and discussion.

Registration has closed. If you would like to attend, please come to the Clark Auditorium to see if additional seats are available.

This talk will be held in-person at the James H. Clark Center Auditorium.


Photo of Dr. Scott Delp.

12:00 PM

SCOTT DELP, Director of the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Stanford, James H. Clark Professor in the School of Engineering, and Professor of Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering

Advances in Understanding Human Movement




Photo of Dr. Steve Collins.

12:30 PM

STEVEN COLLINS, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Designing Exoskeletons that Enhance Mobility