About the BioSTAR

Bio-X and Sanofi have established a joint collaboration called the BioSTAR that utilizes a Joint Scientific Steering Committee composed of both Stanford Bio-X faculty and Sanofi scientific executives to develop academic-industrial collaborations through interdisciplinary and translational projects that benefit human health.  This joint collaboration started in 2011 as an avenue for Sanofi to get involved with the Bio-X IIP Seed Grant Program, and have since gone through 3 successful rounds of collaborative projects.  This includes 2 rounds of the Bio-X IIP Seed Grants, and a joint RFP with Bio-X because of an off-year from the IIP RFP.  13 different collaborations with 30+ Stanford faculty and 10+ Sanofi divisions have been developed through the BioSTAR.  

In addition to the BioSTAR, a master sponsored research agreement template has also been facilitated and executed in 2011 through which several individual projects have developed.  To learn more, please go to Master SRAs.