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Stanford Bio-X Videos

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We videotape the lectures delivered at our Bio-X events: search by faculty or keyword, or browse below.

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Deep Learning the Regulatory Code of the Human Genome

2021 Stanford Bio-X USRP Talks - Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Biomaterials Design for Regenerative Medicine

2021 Stanford Bio-X USRP Talks - Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Genetics of Diabetes: Sweet Dreams & Nightmares

2021 Stanford Bio-X USRP Talks - Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Early Life Stress, Neurodevelopment, and Adolescents' Response to the Pandemic

2021 Stanford Bio-X USRP Talks - Additional Faculty Talks

How the Brain Builds Itself

2021 Talks in English (T.I.E.) - Monday, May 17, 2021

Supporting disruptive interdisciplinary research to revolutionize imaging: Dr. Adam de la Zerda was a 2008 Stanford Bio-X Skippy Frank Fellow and is now an Associate Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford. Adam developed an imaging technique that provides a thousand-fold improvement in spatial resolution over conventional molecular imaging systems and has revolutionized scanning of the retina and other tissues. Read more about Adam's Fellowship research and check out his Stanford lab!

The Stanford Bio-X community "Catalyst": Dr. Fan Yang works at the interface of materials science, biology, engineering, and medicine. Her research group is particularly interested in developing biomaterials and cell-based therapeutics to improve regeneration of various musculoskeletal tissues including bone, cartilage, tendon, blood vessels, and more. Dr. Yang has received support from Stanford Bio-X in the form of Seed Grants, PhD Fellows, and undergraduate summer research program participants, and shares her thoughts on the power of the Stanford Bio-X community in enhancing interdisciplinary research at Stanford.

The Stanford Bio-X community builds bridges: Dr. Peter Santa Maria, a Stanford surgeon-scientist in otolaryngology and the associate director of SPARK's therapeutic translational program, shares his thoughts on how the Stanford Bio-X community has helped to unite researchers and clinicians.

Incorporating touch into brain-computer interfaces: A Stanford Bio-X Fellowship supported Mona M. Burgess Fellow and Stanford Bio-X SIGF Fellow Darrel Deo's work with Dr. Allison Okamura, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Krishna Shenoy, Hong Seh and Vivian W. M. Lim Professor in the School of Engineering, and Dr. Jaimie Henderson, John and Jene Blume - Robert and Ruth Halperin Professor, Professor of Neurosurgery, to illuminate the role of haptic feedback in intracortical brain-computer interfaces!

Check out Darrel's recent publication in Cell!

Restoring sight with a retinal prosthesis: Dr. Daniel Palanker, Director of HEPL and Professor of Ophthalmology and (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering, and Dr. Stephen Baccus, Professor of Neurobiology, share the progress of their Stanford Bio-X Seed Grant!

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