Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2019
Home Department: Genetics, Medicine
Faculty Advisors: Maria Barna (Genetics) and Jonathan Pritchard (Biology and Genetics)

Research Title: Regulation of Gene Translation by Alternative Ribosomal Protein Isoforms in Mammals

Research Description: Alternative ribosomal proteins (aRPs) are a class of largely unexplored genes with the potential to modulate the cellular machinery that mediates expression of every protein-coding gene. Adele proposes a multidisciplinary approach to functionally characterize mammalian aRPs by focusing on a particular aRP both in vitro and in vivo to understand aRPs’ physiological roles, and also to identify other potentially active aRPs genome-wide by developing a high-throughput computational and proteomic pipeline. These approaches will afford unprecedented depth and breadth of knowledge on these enigmatic genes’ physiologic roles in translational regulation.


Adele is currently completing the clinical portion of her MD training as part of Stanford's Medical Scientist Training Program.